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Birthstones from the time of early civilizations provided healing powers, physically and emotionally.  There are many variations and associated colors of the gemstones in the assigned month.

January birthstone is Garnet.

This gemstone is commonly reddish brown but ranges from pink to black.  It is a very hard stone believed to ward off nightmares and to help the wearer through dark times.  Kept close it is thought to bring a blissful life.  It is also believed to strengthen the body’s regenerative powers, to give insight into healing thoughts, and helps heighten a sense of sensuality and sexuality.
The translation of garnet is grain or seed.


February birthstone is Amethyst.

This gemstone ranges from intense violet to a purple hue.  It was often the color worn by Royalty and the Amethyst gemstone was at one time more precious and costly than diamonds.  The stone is thought to bring peace, tranquility and protection.  It is the stone of lovers as it was worn by the Saint Valentine.  It also symbolizes sobriety as it is said to protect against intoxication.

March birthstone is Aquamarine.

The Aquamarine gemstone is a cool and calming blue and is thought to protect those at sea.  It was used to heal illnesses of the liver, stomach and mouth.  It represents hope, love and friendship.   It is also said to rekindle or reawaken love and to give aid to finding lost things in one’s life.  It can quicken intelligence and intellect, cure laziness, instill courage, induce cheerfulness and compose the mind and heart.

April birthstone is Diamond.

Diamonds are often colorless but depending on its impurities can come in a range of colors from yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, black or brown.  They have been treasured throughout history.  The ancient Hindus related the strength of the stone with the  sparks in lightening.  The Greek translation is unconquerable.  It is thought to enhance relationships and give inner strength.  It has the properties to aid healing brain disease and illnesses of the pituitary glands.  They are created from carbon.

May birthstone is Emerald.

The Emerald symbolizes health, fertility, wisdom, patience and growth.  It is often given as an anniversary gift as these characteristics are important in a relationship.  The Romans regarded the stone as the representative to the goddess of love, Venus.  It is also said to represents friendship, faithfulness and loyalty.  Emeralds have been used to treat health issues related to fertility, eyes, spine and headaches.  They are also thought to provide insight into the future.

June birthstone is Pearl.

Pearls come in a variety of colors from white, cream, gold, silver, green, blue to black.  They are usually given as a gift to celebrate the birth of a child or a marriage.  They are mainly associated with purity and passion and are said to bring the wearer good luck. 

July birthstone is Ruby.

The Ruby is a red colored stone that is also found in brown, pink and purple tones.  Next to diamonds it is the second hardest material on Earth.  It is thought to bring harmony, protection and good luck.  It is a symbol of fire, passion, love and power.  The Ruby has been used to treat blood illnesses, eliminate depression, for curing fevers and gout.  It is given as a gift to bring success, prosperity and a long life.

August birthstone is Peridot.

This stone is a vibrant lime green color but can be found from dark olive to bright yellow.  Its shine is believed to ward off night evil.  It is the gem of the sun and is always connected to nature.  It has been worn to calm anger by expelling negative energy and to attract love.  It is recommended for gall bladder and liver illnesses.  It symbolically promises growth for the future and gives strength to individuals and couples.

September birthstone is blue Sapphire.

Sapphires come in a variety of colors including pink, yellow, or even white.  They represent faith and purity.  They are often used for engagement rings.  They are said to bring its wearer anything their heart desires and to restore lost property and wealth.  They are also believed to cure hearing problems and to relieve pain from cancer and burns.

October birthstone is Opal.

The word Opal appropriately means to see a change in color.  They are believed to bring happiness and healing.  They symbolize confidence, faithfulness, hope, loyalty, happiness, innocence and purity.  They are said to ward off nightmares, to provide protection for people going to battle or to ease childbirth.

November birthstone is Citrine.

Citrine is a yellow stone whose name originates from a word meaning lemon.  Its medicinal qualities are to help kidney and urinary complications.  The stone is also thought to help with digestion and the removal of toxins.  It is a symbol of strength and hope. 

December birthstone blue Topaz.

The blue topaz is a translucent blue stone.  It is said to bring happiness and good fortune.  It is symbolic of fidelity and love and can calm a hot temper, improve vision, relieve asthma attacks and bring sleep to insomnia sufferers.    It is also reputed to help with focus and clear sightedness.   The word topaz means fire.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo shooting - Final result

We showed you a few behind the scene pictures from our photo shoot, here is the final result!

Photographer - Andy Long Hoang

Make up artist - Jessica Morais
Models - Christina D and Cha Nel (Dulcedo model management)
Jewelry & clothes - Impact Galerie

Photo shooting

As we know it is always nice to be part of a photo shoot, we thought we would offer you some "behind the scene" pictures; just as if you were with us!

Hope you like the pictures and stay tuned to discover the final result!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Impact Galerie in the Montreal Gazette!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petal Pop!

Here at Impact Galerie we're all about supporting local Montreal artists and artisans. It was in this spirit that we welcomed Jackie Basset and her Petal Pop creations. Made with real flowers, her cards are great for any occasion where good wishes are in order. Personalized, hand-crafted stationary is making a real comeback as people are opting for do it yourself projects with character!

Ella Handbags

New handbags by Ella have just arrived! Ella handbags is the creation of designer Aura Rivera. Characterized by their rustic quality and hand-stitched finishing, these exceptional quality leather bags are both durable and stylish. Back by popular demand are the messenger bags, which flew off the shelves since we received them in May. Many of Ella's messenger-style bags are completely reversible and come in a variety of colors--black/red, olive/brown, turquoise/black, orange/black etc. The "Ostrava," featured here, is our newest model. Made from cowhide, this distressed leather bag's detailing can be found in its handle, finished with woven leather cord.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Impact Galerie in Montreal Fashion Bizvie Blog!

Montreal Fashion Bizvie was drawn to Impact's fusion of local and international cultures!